Social Computing & Design Researcher

▶️ I’m looking for internships for Spring/Summer ‘24 (or earlier) in Trust & Safety: data science, product management, user research, or research scientist roles. Seattle or NYC.

Hello! 👋🏽

I'm a third-year Ph.D. student in Human-Centered Design 🎨 & Engineering ⚙️ at the University of Washington in Seattle 🌲

I’m interested in how people make sense of information on the web, including, but not limited to the contexts of: breaking news and crisis events, conspiracy theory development, and theorizing with and about other individuals on the internet.

I am a mixed-methods researcher and use combinations of quantitative analytics, interviews, contextual inquiry, and experiments to explore research questions.

Some things that keep me up at night:

<aside> ❓ How do people make sense of breaking news information in algorithmically-driven environments?


<aside> ❓ What signals do users consider when trying to decide what information to believe?


<aside> ❓ How do users triangulate information across several platforms?


<aside> ❓ How do people use storytelling in the process of sensemaking?



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